But you're looking through me...

Like I wasn't here at all.

Note to Scanlation Groups!!
Phil Collins
If you are checking for proof of a real person, yes I am real and interested in joining your community.

Now, I want to address something of recent concern to most scanlation groups: The sharing of projects. I promise that I will not share, distribute, upload, or otherwise flash around your work without EXPRESS permission obtained from the owner of the file. I probably won't even do it then, I mostly point people towards the origin of where I got the file to begin with.

You will not see me posting to any of the "Read Manga Online" communities that are in constant war with scanlation groups.

You will not see me posting anything, anywhere, for any reason at all.

This is just to put everyone at ease, for the record. I know this has become an object that's much debated about and caused a lot of stress.

Thank you and good night.

This is a fandom journal only!
Pirate, Motochika
Just a little disclaimer here. This is fandom journal only, That means I only use it to join, y'know, fandom communities. I have a wide and varied taste in fandoms be it music, anime/manga, comics, alternative culture, cartoons, whatever. I'm a mixed-nut. I won't be posting things here, just using the account to post to communities!


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